How do I disable Internet Broadcaster Plugin

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How do I disable Internet Broadcaster Plugin

Postby alansm » Thu Nov 25, 2004 3:36 am


I've been surfing the site for a while and can't seem to find how to disable the Internet Broadcaster Plugin in DRS-2006 Pro -- it is causing my workstation to spit out a "bad file" error message once every few seconds, which ultimately, tied in with the Broadcast Processor issue, is enough to set my station off to studdering --- we easily deal with the studdering Broadcast Processor issue by being careful how many windows we open (5 seems to be max) and ALWAYS making certain that DRS2006 isn't the active window when we leave the radio station unattended... "we all click off on the status bar" and this has never let us down. I do like the broadcast processor and hope it gets fixed in future versions.... thanks for your help in disabling the Internet Broadcaster plugin... if you want to hear DRS2006 in action, check out my station - DRS2006 Pro is the brains of the operation and we all love it....
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Postby DRS 2006 - Rendy » Thu Nov 25, 2004 7:16 am


You can de-activate the Internet Broadcaster and Broadcast Processor via the "DRS Launcher" > "DRS 2006 Plugins Setup". Take note that if you de-activate the IB, you won't be able to send the Artist & Title info - that is of course if you're streaming online.

If you're experiencing studdering, try setting the latency - click on the graph and choose "Set Latency...". Lower settings of buffer/latency will decrease the audio delay introduced by the plug-in but will increase the risk of glitches during crossfades.

Try these values for a start:

Num Buff: 5
Buffer Size: 5000
Latency: 100ms
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