Starting another computer...

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Starting another computer...

Postby Jihème » Tue Mar 08, 2005 7:44 pm

Hi everybody !

My question is quite simple : can I start another computer with the DRS2006 ? Explanation : I wish, when the DRS2006 plays a quite particular file that this one sends a signal via a port RS232 to another computer, so, this last computer sends a 'top' to another software... I wish to use the DRS as principal software of musical diffusion and another software for the commercials. If I program my playlist on the DRS with a music, a recorded speak, a jingle (A) and a DJ Break of 3 minutes, then a jingle, and a music... During the 3 minutes of silence, the other computer diffuses the advertizing, it is necessary that the jingle (A) "starts" the second computer (Which uses another software with management advertizing)... How to make to assign this order with this sound file, does a plugin exists ? I heard about the DRS2006 Auto Device Control, is it appropriated ? Thanks for your answers and sorry for my english ! :oops:
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