Adding Listener Phone Calls to the show?

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Adding Listener Phone Calls to the show?

Postby BeyondInvestigationMag » Mon Jun 27, 2005 1:54 am

I'm sure this has probably been answered a millions times in the past, BUT does anyone have a solution for broadcasting phone interviews live, or listener calls live? I have a 4 channel sound mixer and anytime I try to add a phone to it the feedback is terrible.

Thanks in advance....
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Caller interview for show

Postby alex smith » Mon Jun 27, 2005 7:01 pm

I also want the holy grail of a cheap way to get decent sounding call-ins to add to the show.

Here are the solutions I have found so far:

1. there is a device made to connect phone conversations to computers, costs about $400 US. Sorry can't remember the name, something like JDS, google and look. It's an electronic box. To pricey for me at the time.

2. I have somewhere a description of faking it using a speaker phone with a mic in front of it. Don't laugh, it can work, if you get the speaker phone at just the right distance, with a little mic there, done right the listener may not be able to tell.

3. I have tried rewiring a headset, taking the incoming caller voice into a Berhinger mixer on one track, and taking my voice through the little mic into the Berhinger on a different track (so I can adjust all volumes) AND back out through the auxiliary SEND plug back to the caller (so she/he can hear my voice). This works OK, but the tiny wires in those headsets are hard to work with.

4. Most satisfactory so far is to get a Vonage phone. This still doesn't get the conversation into the computer - until you order the optional "softphone" which is in the computer. Sadly, they won't just let you order the softphone. So, what happens, the caller reaches the regular phone on the Vonage line, but you set that to forward to the Softphone. Now you answer using your mic, or your headset, and listen on headphones (to keep out feedback of two versions of the caller, which would occur if you just used speakers in the same room where you are broadcasting....)
The softphone has volume adjustments for both ends, and these need to be adjusted in the first few secs of conversation. You might have to ask "Are you hearing me OK" before going on.
This works.

5. Or just use Skype. You can record that, and edit it later, or just let the Skype call mix in with whatever is going on in your sound card (background music or whatever) - and DRS will broadcast it all.

The Vonage option works better for folks who are not tech savy and don't have a mic for their computer. They can use a landline, the regular phone in the home or office.

I'm hoping others can suggest even better ways to do this.

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Postby Tony Harding » Tue Jun 28, 2005 12:40 am

Have you considered Skype?

Skype now offers dial in service so listeners can dial a normal telephone number and ring on one of your computers.

The audio of this computer can come up on yor desk or line in on the production machine.

Several other VoIP providers can so the same thing.

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Postby BenC » Thu Jun 30, 2005 5:42 pm

The cheap and easy way, brought to you by Radio Shack. Image
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Listener Calls

Postby MTodd » Thu Jul 28, 2005 3:11 am

Try this might have what you need. ... &key=PPM3C

It should be a link to a phone interface. It's affordable and should do the trick.

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