Plug-In Settings (No Pumping For Sure!!!)

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Plug-In Settings (No Pumping For Sure!!!)

Postby Rendy » Tue Apr 23, 2002 2:40 pm

<HTML>I'm sure some of you have been trying to get good settings for ages. Well, same goes to me too. Actually it really depends on your taste. But if you're willing to have a setting which is 99% Transparent, try going for the LOUDEST Settings for AGC but a SLOW AGC. Then, for the Multi-Band, for those who wanna have the "Radio Signature" Sound, LIMIT Them (ie. -8dB or even -15dB) then later at the output stage (LIMITER) boost them up by the amount you limit (ie. You limit them at -8dB, boost them at 8dB and the release at the output stage wil only work if the output volume is set below 0dB. Usually I'll leave it at 0dB.

Why not try my latest settings. Not that loud but gives trasparent compression!

Threshold 0.0dB
Amount 1.0:1
Attack 50ms
Release 250ms

Frequency Crossover Low 120Hz High 10k
Release 100ms

Low -6dB
Mid -6dB
High -10dB

(I Limit the High Bands much more becoz of my speakers, they give out the high bands too much, that's why I limit them)

Final Boost 3dB
Release 10ms
Output Level 0dB

Tell me if this works for you guys. CHEERS!

Oh if you guys are into mastering, check out this bloody-darn-HOT software. get the demo and you won't believe your ears!</HTML>

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