Windows 7 Audio Processing

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Windows 7 Audio Processing

Postby paulitition » Tue Dec 21, 2010 7:41 pm

If anyone out there is still wanting to stick with DRS2006 and wanting to move to Windows 7 and/or worry about losing the dbaudio audio processor, there is an alternative I discovered. Using a utility called Virtual Audio Cable and a really nice FREE 10 band processor application called Stereo Tool. Well Its mostly free, they encourage buying an very inexpensive license for more advance FM radio type processing.

If you go to an alternative site they have for VAC, the prices is actually different at $30:

If DRS2006 would actually utilize winamp plugins(or any other plugin format for that matter), you could plug Stereo Tool right in with their winamp version.

If you want details on how I got this all setup and working, let me know. You basically tell Stereo Tool to go out on whatever port you want to monitor from as VAC will still route to the input of the Internet Broadcaster input.

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