Remote Control DRS 2006

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Remote Control DRS 2006

Postby Mark DRS 2006 » Wed Sep 19, 2001 4:32 am

<HTML>Hi guys,

before we build our own app to remote control the DRS 2006, we wanted to give you a tip how this can work now as well. First we thought you already know, but we get many questions about this every day.

You can easily realize this Remote Control by using MS Netmeeting. Here is a basic description.

You simply start Netmeeting on the DRS 2006 machine. This one also has to be connected to the internet (if remote controled over the internet). Then you have to remember the IP the DRS 2006 Machine is using for the internet or intranet connection. Now simply enable the "Shared Desktop" in Netmeeting and make this secure with a password. Also accept incoming calls automatically.

Now you start Netmeeting on any PC in the Internet or Intranet and call the IP of the DRS 2006 Machine. You can now access the desktop like its on your own PC, so you can use all DRS modules ;-), transfer files and all other stuff.

Well, test this a little and you'll manage to do this pretty quick. We tested this and it works perfect, at least with a fast internet connection.

Hope this helps you.

DRS 2006</HTML>
Mark DRS 2006

RE: Remote Control DRS 2006

Postby Mike Shannon » Thu Sep 20, 2001 2:52 pm

<HTML>Do you think PC Anywhere will work with it too? I haven't tried yet, but it is on my list to do yet when I get the shuffle thing worked out.</HTML>
Mike Shannon

RE: Remote Control DRS 2006

Postby Mark DRS 2006 » Fri Sep 28, 2001 1:12 am

<HTML>Yes, PC Anywhere can do it as well.

DRS 2006</HTML>
Mark DRS 2006

RE: Remote Control DRS 2006

Postby FPS2000 » Mon Nov 19, 2001 11:00 pm

Is the best.</HTML>

RE: Remote Control DRS 2006

Postby Mali » Fri Nov 30, 2001 9:47 pm

<HTML>What is VNC ???</HTML>

RE: Remote Control DRS 2006

Postby Jason » Mon Dec 10, 2001 10:07 am

<HTML>VNC - Check out - This is a different version of VNC that supports better compression.

One problem with VNC, is it puts a pretty heavy load on the processor if you're running drs. I was doing a little experiment on an athlon 1.3G machine. Had DRS running, with audio plug in along with 2 instances of windows media encoder. Getting in with VNC put the processor at 100%.

I think that DRS should have an app similar to the on-air editor for remote control...where you're not actually viewing the screen of the machine, just little bits of data back & forth.


RE: Remote Control DRS 2006

Postby Mali » Wed Jan 09, 2002 8:30 am


Jason i think that is a great idea that DRS to have an app that can be like editor that can conect through internet or intranet and edit the playlist....

I hope they will add this into the new version of DRS...

And I have another idea what they can do with jingles... Let saay we have Jingle 4 sec. and you have a song that the INTRO is ate ends at 19 sec. what i would love DRS to have is, the song gonna start and at 15 sec of the INTRO the jingle to play, so before the singer start singing you have a jingle...

I hope you guys understand what i mean....

Sorry for my bad english, but i try to give some ideas to DRS team, so probably they can realise them....



RE: Remote Control DRS 2006

Postby Chris Deacon » Thu Jan 24, 2002 4:47 pm

<HTML>We are hoping it will be possible to prepare short voice segments at remote locations (such as for voicetracking, or news reports from the field), and upload them for automatic use in DRS2006. This could be integrated in the remote control access mentioned above I assume...</HTML>
Chris Deacon

RE: Remote Control DRS 2006

Postby Chuck Rowe » Thu Mar 07, 2002 11:38 am

<HTML>Just a little testimonial for using pcAnywhere. I have done this and it seems to work very well. I am mostly editing playlists and adding songs to the database but I have used the on-air studio remotely and it works just fine.</HTML>
Chuck Rowe

RE: Remote Control DRS 2006

Postby Dave Diamond » Fri Mar 08, 2002 12:11 am


Look under DRS 2006 Add Ons for the Auto-Overlay app from Dave Bickford. It's purpose is to do exactly what you are describing here.

Good Luck.

voice guy 8)</HTML>
Dave Diamond

RE: Remote Control DRS 2006

Postby Bad bush » Fri May 03, 2002 5:49 am

<HTML>Greetings to you from the Island of ST Maarten N.A. Your soft wair looks temting for use is there by any chance when i get my drs 2006 that i can get help in aperatering and installing if so please let me know , waiting on your reply. thank you Bad Bush.</HTML>
Bad bush

RE: Remote Control DRS 2006

Postby kramer » Mon Jul 29, 2002 9:40 am

<HTML>How about taking this one step would be really cool to be able to remote control the playlist, start, stop and mixing functions from a cellphone or PDA. That way, busy programmers can be modifying their lists from wherever they are...and when DJs who's interns have flaked on them have to run to the bathroom or to pay the pizza guy, they can keep the mix moving.</HTML>

Postby Stashu » Wed Jun 08, 2011 8:16 pm

Wow. I know this is totally insane of me, but I went back to the very first thread in this category.
Over nine years ago this was a hard thing to do, but with iPhone and Android phone apps, tablets, etc. has anyone found a way to network like this?
There would be times when even at the same facility, a rmote would come in handy for inputing playlists, kicking in a song during an emergency, etc.
Just thinkin'.
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