Small Bug in V2

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Small Bug in V2

Postby Andy Patrick » Tue Oct 26, 2004 11:22 am


I have found what I think is a small bug in v2. Our problem was that every so often all 3 DRS playout modules would be slow to respond. On starting a cart there would be upto 1 second delay before the song would play. This was more noticable on the networked PC's but it was also slow on the PC with the database and music files.

We have noticed this problem for about a year. Re-installing DRS with our back-up files always fixed the problem.

Last week it happened again suddenly, one minute it was OK, the next it was slow. The only think we had done was to delete some files from the analyser database using the "On Air Analyser" module - I had deleted around 30000 entries from the analyser database.

This time I did not re-install DRS, I just replaced the "Analyzer.dbf" file with our back-up copy (which was empty). All of a sudden the delay dissapeared. Adding the old "Analyzer" file back and the delay was there again.

Following on I discovered that if I did a "pack" of the Analyser.dbf file using the Database Utility it also fixed the problem.

So the conclusion is that every time I remove items from the analyser.dbf file I also need to pack the table as well.

This error occurs with V2, I have not seen it in V3 as we are not using that on-air at the moment (waiting patiently for it to be finished).

Please DRS can you make sure that when you delete items in the Analyzer for V3 you also carry out a pack.

Cheers - Andy
Andy Patrick
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