Bliking Texts on DRS 2006 Radio Software.

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Bliking Texts on DRS 2006 Radio Software.

Postby DJ Danni » Fri May 06, 2005 3:22 pm

hello all i have a Crate Idear so you can put in DRS 2006 Radio Module.
Take at Look ate the Texts on the Photo and you can see my Idear.
How do you like to have the Radiostudio like this?
DJ Danni

Postby Rocket88 » Sat May 07, 2005 5:22 am

Well,,,, I like it..

now can you make those blue buttons on the bottom work ? :shock:
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Super Broadcaster
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Postby jono » Sat May 07, 2005 7:57 am

I think the flashing text would do my head in.. Like it rocket :)
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Fledgling Broadcaster
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Postby DJ Danni » Sat May 07, 2005 12:28 pm

This is just a Photo and Idear for next version off radiosoftware.
DJ Danni

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