DB connection between a Windows 2K and XP machine solved

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DB connection between a Windows 2K and XP machine solved

Postby Manfred » Fri May 19, 2006 2:08 am

Some users are complaining about problems between a very slow db connection between a Windows 2000 (where the DRS2006 DB is stored and the main applications are running) and a Windows XP machine for remote control.

I agree to that. When I astablish a connection from my XP machiche to the main radio machine (W2K), actions take a long time until you see the results. So I made a lot of research within the net about Borland connections between W2K and XP and the result of all, it's the BDE engine on the XP machine that DRS2006 installs. After I made a new install of the Borland BDE V5.11 presta, the connection shows the same quick connection to the W2K machine as when you are using two W2K machines.

DRS2006 should update their BDE engine that is included into the DRS2006 install package to version 5.11 or newer. With BDE 5.11 the slow connections between W2K and XP are gone.

The BDE version 5.11 can be downloaded here:

Look under GS Produkte - First entry (Borland Database Engine (BDE)

Mark - Good luck with the final of V3.
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