Positive feedback

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Positive feedback

Postby Hit Music Radio » Sun Sep 24, 2006 4:02 am

Firstly over the past months I have seen some nasty posts about DRS and some negative posts.

However over the past couple of weeks some positive feedback about DRS is now shining through which I believe is good.

The idea of DRS providing us with a forum is to discuss problems, beta's and of course improvements for DRS.

If I was in Mark's shoes I would have either:

1. Closed the forums down.
2. Deleted negative posts.
3. Banned argumentitive people from posting.

The last thing new customers and onlookers would like to see is negative opionions and feedback about DRS.

After not logging into the forums for such a long time I was disgusted by what some of the customers and people said. They should show more appreciation, professionalism and courstesy especially half which run their own stations. It's 'customer relations' and if some of the people talk to their listeners and customers the way they post in this forum then im afriad they have no future because they just don't know how to treat people and do not know what professionalism is.

However we have been using DRS Pro v2.11 for around 3 years now and it has never let us down. It is comparible to alot of automation systems out there.

We haven't upgraded to V3 because the system isn't ready and the most features arn't available yet, that's why they are called BETA's. This was already explained so I don't see how customers can complain about V3 when obviously it's an 'under developed system'.

If people don't like the way it works. Go back to V2.11. It's basically the same and you can get it to work better with more features, the only one lacking being the voice tracking feature.

A program is only as good as the user and you can get V2.11 to sound better than V3 on air (to date).

I am well chuffed about purchasing DRS 3 years ago, still going strong today and none of the presenters have complained apart from the odd top of the hour crashing - its perfect, even takes the satellite feeds through the line in which alot of cheap automations don't even have the facility to take.

Well done DRS for making one of the UK's fastest growing radio stations sound so good. - and yes we are in the process of planning an FM broadcast across Yorkshire & North Nottinghamshire, and yes, we will use DRS at present because it's comparible if not better than most. Take DARP for example what most RSL's currently use... and hospital radio. It is rubbish to put in simple terms and I had to use it on an FM radio station in Manchester, it never even worked properly and you had to reinstall the sound card drivers every night so thank yourself lucky you have something which doesn't neccessarily contain all the features of something pricey such as DALET or Myriad but it works!

Thank you once again.

Kindest Regards,
Wayne Cubitt
Hit Music Radio
Hit Music Radio
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Postby DRS 2006 - Mark » Tue Sep 26, 2006 3:07 pm

Hi Wayne,

always good to read commets like this.

I have learned a lot last months about people and what happens in such discussion forums if a few people try to get the masses to burn the witch. Of course it was our fault to not keep up the development better, but like I explained several times we were simply not able because of private reasons.

We are back working on V3 almost full time to finally finish it as soon as possible and I personally hope this stuff will stop as soon as the betas are coming again frequently.

We are aware that many posts have kept new clients from buying our V2.11. I had many questions about what is going on with DRS 2006. I had partners asking us if it is true that we are closing. Even people are looking up my house in google earth. It has been so silly and it has really scared me.

Now and then I play a game from EA Sports named NHL Hockey (hope you allow me to do that a few minutes a day). I have bought this game since 1993 every year and it is really fun from my point of view. Actually you can see that many programmers worked hard on this software since they began the series. EA also has a customer forum and when I have a problem I of course go there to see if I can find a quick answer. Since that's what it's meant for. In this forum there are soooo many posts. Far more than we have here in this forum. Of course, the maket is bigger. But the thing is that every post in this forum is really negative. The headlines are like "EA, you better read this before losing all customers" or "This is the worst game ever" and very often "This is the last game I bought from EA". I have read this since years now and every year the game is on top of the sales charts. Maybe EA should close this forum, because it seems to be absolutely worth nothing. It of course prevents people to buy the software and almost makes it impossible for people with a problem to find a solution. It is so negative that you think after reading in it that you have a really bad game and that they really ripped you off. But is this really the truth? Of course not....The game of course has a few things that can be done better and also things that are a bit buggy. But does it do its job? Is it still fun for me? YES!! It is. But barely nobody posts that.

Recently we also had a few negative posts. Honestly a totally new experience for me. But I somehow understand that people want to let our their displeasure. This is especially easy when you are anonymous. The inhibition level is very low in forums like this one.

Beside this there will always be someone that has something to complain about. There will always be a feature missing or a bug in the software. The price will always be to too high and the support will be too slow. This is our nature! For us it is important that the big majority of clients like our products (and buy them) and that they are using them successfully. It is also important for us that we can support our clients as fast as possible so that the big majority of clients are completely satisfied.

I definitely know that most of our clients are happy, but I can't ask them all to write something positive here in the forum. I think it is normal to say nothing if everything is great and to screem out loud if you are not satisfied with something. So forums will always have some sort of negative mood.

What is the conclusion for us?
I will do my best to get back a positive mood in this forum by getting out more betas which we can discuss about like adults. There is not more and not less that can be done.
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Postby Playon » Thu Apr 05, 2007 10:38 pm

MArk i asked for something and ingot it its the on air radio module that loads blank instead of loading the last playlist everytime its opened i know you are working hard to bring ou the final product since i downloaded the demo spme 3 years agi i was hooked on drs i my personal taughts are that drs just keeps getting better nd better take your time so when you release v3.0 you will have the last laugh on all the negative critisims
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Postby DRS 2006 - Harrison » Mon Jul 16, 2007 4:44 am

Good things come to those who wait.

I haven't been an employee of DRS Systemtechnik in some time.

But I'm still behind Mark 110%.

He is as honest as the day is new.

Depsite the delays, this guy works his ass off to get this project complete. I only wish I could program to assist the team.

Trust me guys, he WILL finish it, and it will be perfect.

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Postby knzhonda1 » Thu Jul 19, 2007 12:55 am


Please do not despair. DRS2006 does exactly what you told me it would do. Only one crash in two years and that was a computer problem on my end.

The help desk was more than patient when I was starting up.

Yes, I think it would be great to have a few new bells and whistles, but if memory serve me correctly you only promised a free upgrade when it's finshed....Not a finish date. I personally would rather wait for good product that will continue to allow me to walkaway without worry than a product that may not allow that.
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