Hey Guys

Get involved with the constant growth of new versions of DRS 2006 radio automation now in development. Learn how to become a BETA tester and sample some of the most amazing software breakthroughs in broadcast automation found only in DRS 2006.

Hey Guys

Postby dotradio » Mon Nov 27, 2006 6:30 pm

Stop back to see if the new version is ready and still nothing a few new beta's. I am really sorry to see that people like us who have waited since the beging have not seen much movement . Last year i moved to a new software and its not as good as drs2006 but its getting there. Four upgrade in the past year I love drs 2006 but I am glad i made the move we can now change the name of drs 2006 to drs 2000 and whatever.
I hope you guys can get thing fixed up !!

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