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Right of Reply

Postby WLAS 90.7 » Wed Jul 18, 2007 4:38 pm

I understand (though don't necessarily agree with) Harrison's request, so I am only writing because I feel that the mad ramblings of Condorito should not go unanswered.

Firstly, learn English grammar.

Secondly, WWII was 60+ years ago stop fighting it. My family lost more victims to the *beep* in the Holocaust than you'd care to know, but I don't harbor the obvious hatred towards Germany and the rest of Europe that poisons your pointless rants.

Thirdly, my colon in the introduction to my post was not for the definition of "embezzlement", surely someone as well versed with Google as you can find a way to look up the definition yourself, but rather to set-off the introduction from the rest of the post. I repeat, learn English grammar.

Fourthly and perhaps most importantly, I never claimed that I had run DRS or Windows for 3 years straight. If that was the implication then I am sorry. To restate my point from the previous post, I have been using DRS2006 for three years and during that time, the program has never crashed unexpectedly or caused a blue-screen error during its use. I have of course rebooted my system on occasion, but I can walk away from DRS for weeks at a time with no problem as long as the power stays on in the studio.

In closing, perhaps DRS will do all of us a favor and refund you the money you spent just so that you'll take your foul and belligerent attitude elsewhere. If not, maybe we should take up a collection to send you back on vacation for another year!
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Postby DRS 2006 - Harrison » Thu Jul 19, 2007 2:22 pm


Please don't turn this into an al out flame war.

I'm trying to positively reverse all this negative feeling toward DRS.

Please remember that not everyones 1st language is english.

And yes some comments are uncalled for, that's why I've closed some topics.

Let's turn this around and get back on track.

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