Data Structure Corruption

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Data Structure Corruption

Postby coreycvowels » Sat Sep 15, 2007 6:32 pm

This problem has plagued me for Years and now I'm at a loss, about 2 years ago I bought a laptop and loaded 3.0 and Used the converter, re packed and re indexed and used the "Net Up" registry patch, and I still received the
"Data Structure Corruption" error after about 4000 songs in, I finally said
"Hey if it works on my desktop I'm fine with this and I'll still use my desktop to DJ with the DRS"

This was never a problem on my Desktop, I could re load windows and still I could convert to 3.0 just fine,
Until now, I get the same "Data Structure Corruption" I got with my Laptop on the same songs.

Here's what I've done so far
I deleted the song from the DRS and re ripped the actual file from my Computer and that song converted fine because then it has the error about 30 songs later.

I re ripped the actual song but didn't change anything in the DRS and received the error message.

I deleted the file from the DRS and reloaded it WITHOUT re ripping the song and hey it worked but I get an error message about 10 songs later.

I know it Must be the way it was put in the DRS but I have 20,000+ songs in my DRS so theres no turning back to any other program and I don't want to delete songs and reload them every 10 or 20 songs this would take forever for me to do

Why would the files convert fine some of the time converting over to 3.0 even with reloading windows and this time with the same computer mind you, I can't get the conversion to work.

I will use V2.11 if I have to but after DJing with 3.0 I don't want to go back.

Any help would be appreciated.

This project of putting all my songs in the DRS is more than just for work it's a hobby and I love it, been doing it for seven years and it's still a great program.
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