Strange Autoplay manager behaviour?

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Strange Autoplay manager behaviour?

Postby yoonchi » Thu Aug 07, 2008 4:40 pm

I am new to this forum. The name is yoonchi and I am using DRS2006 for the programming of the playlists a radio station.

The problem I am having is as follows:
I use the Autoplay Manager to setup the daily programming of the stations music and recorded programs; it is the Event manager in the module that I use. I use the Autoplay Manager to schedule the Mini playlists that contain the recorded programs. Since the Mini playlists change a lot, due to the variation of the programming of the station, scheduled hour settings of the Miniplaylists change. This means adding and removing the Miniplaylists in the Autoplay Manager. Untill now I thought that just adding a Miniplaylist at the bottom of the list for a hour block and cue it correctly would be ok. But my experience is that if you cue a Miniplaylist at f.e. 9:00 and this list is at the bottom of the rows of scheduled, the Miniplaylist will not start at around 9:00. This while other Miniplaylists are set f.e. to start at 9:30 exactly and 9:50 exactly. The one that is set at about 9:00 is skipped while the others play as scheduled.

I hope it is not that I would have to reorder everything every time I have to introduce a new Miniplaylist. Since this happens a lot when we schedule the recording of a program when that program can not be aired live. This also happens a lot when customers want their spots to air at a certain time.

I hope I've made my point clear.

Ps. I am also a programming code writer for more than 20 years, so in code languange this would mean that I expected an implementation of a set rather than an ordered list in the Autoplay Manager.
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