3.0 running on Windows Vista using VirtualBox - it works

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3.0 running on Windows Vista using VirtualBox - it works

Postby mike_sound » Mon Jan 26, 2009 5:35 pm

Hey guys,

Due to DRS2006 3.0 isn't running yet on Windows Vista, I was looking for alternatives until it will be compatible. (Also because I really prefer 3.0 beta to 2.2):

My laptop has Windows Vista Home Premium. I'm running DRS 3.0 on Virtual Box - http://www.virtualbox.org - with Windows XP installed. -> Vista and XP are running at the same time while XP is in a separate window.

DRS 3.0 works fine so far. Just have problems with the external soundcard.

Does anyone have made similiar experiences with Virtual Machines? Then we could share some tipps... Or does anyone have other ideas?[/url]
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