Version 2.2 Updates and Bugfixes

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Version 2.2 Updates and Bugfixes

Postby DRS 2006 - Mark » Wed Mar 04, 2009 2:22 pm

Hi guys,

here are a few small updates for the current version 2.2. These updates are new also included in the new full installations. If you do not want to install the full package, you can also simply download these files, unzip them and copy them to your C:\DRS2006 folder by replacing the old ones.

Bugfixes for the DRS 2006 Demo, Standard and Professional Package Package 2.2:
DRS 2006 Database Connector 2.21
DRS 2006 Audio Manager 2.21

Soon we will have a new optional DRS 2006 Internet Broadcaster which will additionally have great new features like a sound processor, a commercial overlay system, a aacPlusv2 encoder and much more. We will build this new Internet Broadcaster into Version 2.2 and of course in Version 3. The old Internet broadcaster will of course also work with all packages. New Betas of Version 3 can be found on our Interactive Development site shortly.
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