beta testing etc

Get involved with the constant growth of new versions of DRS 2006 radio automation now in development. Learn how to become a BETA tester and sample some of the most amazing software breakthroughs in broadcast automation found only in DRS 2006.

beta testing etc

Postby NZRadioMan » Mon Nov 23, 2009 1:56 am

Hi to Mark and the team....

I'm interested in becoming a beta tester for you, as I am very familiar with the drs package.

I'm not currently using the package to broadcast although I did for 6 years on our island based community radio stations. We were using the standard package.

I will be upgrading to the pro/ent package very soon. I'm impressed with the new developments in the beta packages.

Question. Is it possible to email me when the currently available beta modules are updated?

All the best folks.
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