Thank You DRS2006 team!

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Thank You DRS2006 team!

Postby jamesbarton » Sat Jul 31, 2010 6:41 pm

While I tend to be a complainer it is time to offer many thanks!

I chose to automate my AM station (WSBV) in 2003. After an exhaustive search and many free trial tests, went with DRS2006 Pro. I frankly could not afford most of the other automation packages, nor the support charges many of your competitors charge.

I have been running the Enterprise Beta's on windows XP Pro since day 1. This year I added a second Am station (WAJL) in the same 800 square foot building. I went shopping for automation and chose to purchase a second copy of DRS2006 Pro. I could not have added the second station without affordable automation.

I am currently assisting a sister station with automation. After reviewing other packages and observing my stations in operation, He chose DRS2006 Pro. The payback of automation for His station(including hardware, software) is less than a month! What other radio software purchase provides a payback more attractive than

All three stations are broadcasting Christian Music and those of you in that business know how difficult it is to survive in this market.

The owner of the local "big guy" FM station visited us last month saw our automation and was shocked to find that I payed less for total automation than his annual automation cost in support fees. As to support I have run for years without opening a ticket and have had far more issues with Microsoft than DRS2006.

Yes I do want you to finish the Enterprise package and have been somewhat disappointed in your progress but totally agree with the Enterprise package priority taking a back seat to obtaining/maintaining compatibility with Microsoft operating system changes to XP updates, Vista, and Windows7.

I am the only "semi computer literate" person in both stations. My total involvement in the day to day operation to keep the stations running is to visit and insure that data bases and the music library are backed up. Over the last 7 years the only major issue I had with the system was caused by an automatic update with XP service pack 2.

Thank you again DRS2006 has paid for itself a hundred times over!
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Postby DRS 2006 - Mark » Tue Aug 03, 2010 7:41 pm

Thank you James!!

Nice to hear something positive and we are proud we were able to help you.
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