DRS 2006 Version 4 - Information

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DRS 2006 Version 4 - Information

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DRS 2004 Version 4 - Information

1.) General Information
DRS 2006 Version 4 is a totally new development. The older DRS 2006 versions were all based on a technology we are already using since the year 2000. Although our current systems are really reliable, we had to switch one day to a new and modern technology because we hit the limits almost every day with V3. The small problems we used to have are now finally history with V4. The new DRS 2006 now has it's own playback engine and a lighting fast and stable database. We have our own encoders and tons of new features. Much requested features like prelistening are no problem anymore. No more limits and nothing which stops your and our creativity! This will be a totally new DRS 2006 era.

When switching the technologies, we also decided to change the strategy of the software. We will not have different versions and we will not have several separate modules anymore. Instead we will have a single basic version which is very easy to use for anybody in minutes. A database of more than 20.000 songs is build in minutes and because all built in technology you will be broadcasting in minutes. No matter if you are a newbie or a professional. You will be able to operate DRS 2006 instantly without reading lots of manuals.

The basic DRS 2006 Version 4 has all features of the old "DRS 2006 Standard Package". Of course many features have a much better usability and we also built in many new features like the prelistening, visual cue points, a powerful new database or built-in encoders for ShoutCast v1, v2, IceCast, WMA or our new own DRSCast. There are so many new things, but at the same time it is much easier to use.

And now comes the great part. All additional features you could dream of will be available via our new plugin system. We will have sound processing, or scheduling etc all via plugins. You can setup your very own individual DRS 2006! From a very simple system up to a huge powerful radio automation system with any feature you can dream of.

You choose what you want or need! Any extra feature, option or module will be available via our plugin shop. As soon as we have released the basic software, we will start to fill our plugin shop with useful extensions. There will be things you already know and also things which will be new. And of course things that you request!

But don't worry, we will not ask you to pay a fortune for these extensions. All pricing will be moderate and you can test and choose just what you want or need. For many of you the basic package will already be ok. However the Pros among you will be waiting of all the bells and whistles. It will be your choice! It will be your individual DRS 2006!

2.) Pricing
The new DRS 2006 V4 will be $99 for all new clients. This will already include all encoders and a free simple Shuffle Play plugin. So it will be cheaper than our current DRS 2006 Standard Package together with the DRS 2006 Internet Broadcaster plugin.

We are now working on this new software for years, so we will not be able to give it to you for free, however we think we found a good solution for us and for all our existing clients.

Pricing for the basic DRS 2006 V4 Software:
Primary License: $99 (including 30 day streaming package - new client)
Sublicense: $69 (If you already have a primary DRS 2006 license)
Upgrade: $69 (If you already have s previous DRS 2006 Package. Including 30 day streaming package)

All other plugins which are coming up will be available in our shop which is also available via the software. We do not have any idea yet which price each plugin will have because we will have to check out licensing fees etc, but we are sure most will be reasonable for everyone.

3.) What will happen now
While beta testing we will build the new DRS 2006 website on http://www.radioautomation.com. Later on we will merge drs2006.com and radioautomation.com.
You will also be able to order the software at http://www.radioautomation.com

4.) Upgrading
Because DRS 2006 Version 4 is a totally new system, you can install it parallel to your existing DRS 2006 V2 oder V3. You can run both at the same time.

5.) New team member
Last but not least I want to introduce our new team member. His name is Holger and he has done most of the programming work. I want to thank him for his great knowledge and enthusiasm. I guess you will see him here in the community very often :)

OK, that's it for now. We will upgrade this site frequently, so please come back to stay up to date....

Take care
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