Version 4?

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Version 4?

Postby grimmy » Sun Dec 29, 2013 8:09 pm

Hello to all,
First, let me say that I have been using DRS2006 from the Ver.1 days. I was given the assignment of finding an inexpensive Radio Automation software to handle the ovenight shift at the small market station I was then employed at. Found DRS2006 in a matter of minutes and I personally have been using it ever since. The radio station, after waiting for updates to add features that were common in the more expensive software packages, finally went a different direction to get the full automation needed.
The station switched to a satellite fed overnight program and DRS2006 has never had the capabillity of fully interacting with audio switchers/satellite equipment. DRS2006 Version3 was very close to meeting that goal with the Line in mixer control that was built in. I have a satellite test setup in my shop area, we made it work with procedures I had posted here in the forum some years ago.
Anyway, Mark and the team were able to take the basics of what the big expensive Automation packages were offering and make it affordable for all of us.

Now, what I intended to post about was my confusion with Version 4. The "Modules" have been shrunk down to include everything on one screen. I personally liked the individual modules, seemed simple enough to me....Database Manager.....Audio Manager....Playlist Editor...On Air Studio. But, one thing that is inevitable is change, so I now must adapt.
I paid for Version 4 before even trying the demo version. Have been trying to locate the "Playlist Editor" to create a playlist now in the Demo. I also see that you have to register the machine HWID that you intend to use it on. I always set up a test PC before loading on the main PC, so I is this going to be a big hassel when I am ready to go live with Version 4? Also, I saw in another post, that we currently have no way to Import the Database from Ver.2 to Ver4. Is this true? Maybe more features are in the Professional/Enterprise Packages?
I have many more questions or comments I'll post later since this post is so long.
Thanks, Denny
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Re: Version 4?

Postby DRS 2006 - Mark » Mon Dec 30, 2013 1:42 pm


there will be several plugins available soon which will add more and more features to this basic package so you can choose the features you need. There will also be a database converter which you can use to import your V2 data.

You can edit your playlist in the main window just like. Of course you can't be on air and build playlists on the same machine. However you can of course do this on another machine in the network and save the playlists which then can be used by the on air machine.
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