database contains full path to the music-files - why? - and

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database contains full path to the music-files - why? - and

Postby Nik » Mon Jul 29, 2002 10:46 am

<HTML>Hi everybody -

1. After trying the new Enterprise-version i saw that the kind of specify the path to the music-files has changed. In the earlier versions the drs2006.ini was the key, now it's all in the database. Maybye thats great for the most kind off applications, but we need to distribute the database between many systems, where these pathes are completely different to our administration-implementation. In the actual Pro-Version this is no problem - because of special drs-ini-files. Now i've the problem that i've to change all pathes to all musikfiles within the database everytime i want to distribute it. Is there a possibility to have both ways of specifying the sound locations? (Maybe, if there is no -or no correct- path given in the database, system looks in two or three locations given by an .ini-file)?

2. The on air-application seems to stop when the soundfile it should play is not present. The actual Pro-version jumpes automatically to next title.
Ist the new behaviour a feature - or a bug?</HTML>

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