Cart problem

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Cart problem

Postby Stashu » Mon Nov 05, 2018 5:16 pm

When the playlist is happily playing songs, I noticed that placing an item in the cart and hitting F1 stops the playlist cold. The cart item plays, but the playlist song has paused. Once the cart song is playing, I can hit Start-Enter and both now play.
Sometimes, I want to play a song or jingle between songs, so I hit Stop, wait for the trail of a song and hit the jingle or song. But, the playlist song pauses once I press F1 on the keyboard.
Pressing the start button will either start the playlist where it was paused, or start the next song.
Everything works fine if I use the play button on the cart. It blends great, but pressing the F on the keyboard pauses the playlist song.
Also, the Help on the info bar suggest F1 to open the Help feature.

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