Just some odd points

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Just some odd points

Postby Tony Harding » Mon Sep 23, 2002 9:55 pm

<HTML>Just a couple of points about a few parts of the DRS system

[JUST POINTS not a go at any one]

1) The statistics plug in is just so American where it calls my listeners “viewers” it is just so cute the way it does that.
2) Can the plugins PLEASE have a version number visible somewhere like in maybe a help about. I have just installed the 1.7 version but I have no way of knowing if I am running this or the old version.
3) In Audio manager when importing a number of files it used to read 1/20, 2/20 as it read them in. Now it just says 0/0.
4) Also in Audio manger is there a way to stop the “Type” dropdown box opening when F4 is pressed. If I move the focus away it will not open, but I keep leaving the focus there and this gets to really annoy me.
5) The link in the help docs to http://www.drs2006.com/DRS2006Beta/ImporterDemo.zip does not work.
6) I have autoplay manager set to do a mini play list at the top of each hour to play a jingle and time announcement. If I stop DRS and some hours later restart it, the next Top Of The hour is will play the last time anno it played. Top of the next hour it is ok again. E.g. play the 1900 anno, stop DRS. At 2330 start DRS again, at 2400 it will say 1900, At 0100 it will say 0100.
7) I am running 2.1 I have lots of items in a directory “G:\apple-fm” I moved most of these items to “G:\apple-fm\on-air” but Database connector fails to find them, I though I only had to link to the root directory of a structure and all the directories under it would be visible to DRS. To fix this I have referenced to “G:\apple-fm\on-air” directly.

I know the first 2 are not you Mark

The rest are just little things I am sure you will get around to.

Tony Harding

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