Trouble with audio cuts repeating over and over and over

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Trouble with audio cuts repeating over and over and over

Postby TSNSports » Thu Jun 16, 2011 6:46 am

We us the DRS2006 Pro Version 2.2. We are having different problems that pop up about every two or so weeks.

Today we have it hang up on a cut. It was a song and it repeated it six times before i caught it and stopped the DRS. I have deleted the song. About an hour later it hung up on a promo (10 seconds) and just repeated it over and over again.

We paid good money for this system and we have fought with it ever since we bought it. WE NEED HELP TO STOP THE MADDNESS!

We have ran a database connector test and EVERY CUT checked out good. Thats a total of about 9,000 cuts.

The repeating of songs and now promos really suck. Does anyone have any idea what is causing this????

Its 11:48 USA central time and check it out for yourself at This is a radio station online and it really sucks to have this happening.

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