v2.2 on win7pro - audio manager "...cannot find the file..."

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v2.2 on win7pro - audio manager "...cannot find the file..."

Postby jaypea » Thu Mar 15, 2012 12:00 am

so after 9 years of v2.11 and v3 betas on win2k, I'm clean installing v2.2 on win7pro. trying to start clean as a whistle with a new database, etc.

when importing new files into audio manager, it gets about 50 or 60 files in, then a DRS error message appears: "DRS2006 cannot find the file you are trying to insert. You may not have set the Audio Directory in the Database Connector correctly. Please set the directory and retry to insert this audio file." after which I can no longer insert anything.

well, the audio directory is set correctly in the database connector and all files are present. all files are 256/44.1 with an ID3v1 tag only, populated with only title and artist, nothing else. path to program is c:\drs2006. path to music is c:\drs music. database connection and integrity both pass.

looking for clues from the DRS forum braintrust to get moving again, please. thanks...

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Re: v2.2 on win7pro - audio manager "...cannot find the file

Postby gavind » Sat Feb 16, 2013 8:41 pm

Hi jaypea, were you able to find any luck on this yet? I was just wondering if this has something to do with a 64 bit version.
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