XDS Satellite Connection, etc.

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XDS Satellite Connection, etc.

Postby TSNSports » Wed Jan 01, 2014 1:48 am

Hello Happy New Year,

Can you please give me details on how to connection a XDS satellite receiver to the 2.2 DRS. I've got a weekly program that we'll be running and I don't know where to start.

And can you tell me why when I insert a song or commercial into the audio manager and mark the siege way tone it does NOT set it right.

I use a playlist to play spots four times per hour and in the playlist I've got four to five spots. When a couple of them play, a spot that is included, still has 10 seconds left and it starts the next one in line and cuts the one playing off too early.

I've tried to reset it by, first removing it and then resorting it again, setting the siege way tone....

Not sure what's happening. Can you please help me.

And also I've got the first edition of the DRS. I like the Enterprise look....is it better, or I guess I should say, is it updated better than the 2.2 version? Can you send me a working download link of the Enterprise?

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