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Playlist Editor

Postby grimmy » Sun Mar 22, 2015 11:28 pm

Been using DRS2006 since V1. Purchased V4 in October of 2013 before trying the Demo version.
Found that creating playlists was complicated. Drag and drop from a small Database window on the main screen, unacceptable. Shelved V4 and stayed with V2.2 and V3 beta. Now here in March of 2015 I deceided to take another look into V4. After loading and registering V4 and using the Demo verson, I have found that nothing has changed.
Can someone please explain to me how you create a playlist other than dragging and dropping from the small Database window on the left side of the DRS main screen? I thought maybe the Auto Play Manager may have more to offer. Did not see any Playlist Creator/Editor there either.
Is purchasing a Third Party Scheduler the only good option or am I missing something?
The simple Playlist Editor that was in V2 & V3 was excellent. You could see and browse through the complete Database, see the list as it is being created and save it. Then load it in the On Air Studio when needed. Anyone have some insite for me? Time to call it quits on V4?
Looks like I'll be staying with V2 & V3 as those versions have the very basic things needed.
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Re: Playlist Editor

Postby DRS 2006 - Mark » Sat Apr 18, 2015 12:18 pm

You can make the database window as big as you want and you have a million filter options to make it easy?
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