DRS 2006 2.2 works in safe mode on my Windows 10

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DRS 2006 2.2 works in safe mode on my Windows 10

Postby BigWillie » Thu Mar 03, 2016 5:49 am


DRS 2006 2.2 works in safe mode on my Windows 10 but when I boot into normal mode a lot of my .exe programs do not work...WTF?? Tried everything and nothing seems to work, please help..
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Re: DRS 2006 2.2 works in safe mode on my Windows 10

Postby Stashu » Thu Mar 03, 2016 6:20 pm


I've got an idea. Download the 2.2 demo and see if it works on your Windows 10 system.
If Demp 2.2 works fine, there may be something in your settings, prefs, or system that's causing the problem for your full version.
If Demo 2.2 doesn't work, it just may be time to switch to Version 4.
Windows 8.1 and now Windows 10 has caused me to change my mind about past software. I vowed that I would only use whatever worked on the new operating system. I was losing time trying to make software work that wouldn't play nice with a current computer and operating system. So, I took a leap of faith with a new computer that had Windows 8 on it. Most programs worked.
I had a DAW that became sluggish with Windows 8. Plugins refused to work, etc. The answer from the software company was to buy a computer with Windows XP. Great. Let's buy an old computer, hope it lasts forever and without Windows support, hope I never have a tech issue.
Then, I knew people who tried to load Windows 8 on Windows 98 and XP computers.
... ? ...
So, my goal was to take that leap of faith and see what worked on the new system. With the new OS. And, I've done that with Windows 10. Sure, there have been a few glitches with some new updates, but nowhere near the hassles I had trying to upgrade programs that have run their course on unsupported operating systems.
I hope this helps. Try the demo and see what your results are. With the results of what happens with the 2.2 demo, you can give more info to the 'Help Desk'.
I know from a lot of troubleshooting I've done, it's always some 'dot the i' or admin issue.
Good luck, Willie

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