DRS 2006 problem (after a while the stream gets scrambled)

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DRS 2006 problem (after a while the stream gets scrambled)

Postby dixita » Mon Jul 17, 2017 12:03 pm

Hello guys

We're using DRS 2006 radio studio for quite some time now. Only recently we started to encode our audio signal with DRS 2006 Internet Broadcaster which we purchased.

I think the problem I'm having was there allready, but I didn't see it during the testing period because the internet broadcaster was limited to 4 hours of encoding time.

The problem is that after a while my stream gets scrambled. It sounds like there are two streams, sort of an echo, and there is significant amount of noise.

When I restart Internet Boradcaster the stream gets clear. If I restart the encoder (stop it and then start it again) the problem doesn't go away. So I've created a scheduled task in windows to close and the runs internet broadcaster at midnight every day, but that doesn't help. Almoast every morning when I check my stream I found that it is scrambled again, and if not in the morning it gets scrambled during the day, and I have to restart it manualy.

I'm loosing on-line listeners. It is very frustrating, because I don't know what is the problem.

I'm streaming to a shoutcast server, which is located at my ISP, and mine is the only stream on it. I get my audio signal via proffesional audio card (CardDeluxe) installed in the encoder PC which runs DRS 2006 Internet Broadcaster on windows XP SP2, and is a dual Xeon Compaq Evo W6000 workstation with 512 MB of rambus RAM. So at the moment my Internet Broadcaster is standalone encoder. I'm planing on moving it to my onair PC which runs On Air Radio Studio Pro as soon as I solve this problem.

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