Loving it so far...

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Loving it so far...

Postby jordanknox » Tue Jun 12, 2007 10:01 pm

This may be something different than what most of you guys are seeing...

I'm the technical director for a theater in Post, Texas. The performance is a play with the same musical opener every week.

Musical performer has about 10 tracks he sings to, and the play has sound effects. Same schedule every weekend. I found it impossible to train non-audio minions to cue and play tracks without freaking them out with multiple CD players and a 32 channel board.... until I found DRS2006.

On-Air Radio Studio works PERFECTLY for the preshow, intermission and postshow house music. The Virtual Cart Machine is PERFECT for sound effects. It even works for the performer's musical tracks. The fades are EXACTLY what I needed for transitions... I'm thinking about using a playlist with events for the play sound effects instead of the Cart Machine. We'll see.

I'm just using the demo so far. I wanted to put this out there, and as a new user (2 weeks old), I wanted to get people's opinion about the software, development, support, etc. So far, my search of the forum has been a bit depressing, but I'm not sure anyone could say anything that would deter me from purchasing this software. It's saved my life so far, and given me my weekends back!

It's not often that I come back to a developer's website to let them know how appreciative I am so far of their product. I'm still in the process of making sure I want to spend the money, but I'm sure this 'Mark' fella will be getting an email from me. Anyone object?
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Postby Earl Cogdill » Wed Jun 13, 2007 4:41 pm

You can't gol wrong with drs it is solid and runs and runs and runs.
Have had pro ver 2.1 for a long while. Never a problem, Just learning it and operating it can take some time. But as far as a good product, you will have no problem with it. :P
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Postby Adriaan » Wed Jun 13, 2007 11:50 pm

I agree. DRS2006 is a rock solid product, works perfect! :)

Postby WULM » Sat Jun 16, 2007 5:13 am


For what you're going to use it for this software is perfect. Now all you're going to need to do is spend time on training your staff when to push the button to play tracks or effects. Version 2.11 is extreamly solid. I have used it to run an Oldies AM station with News, Sports, Agriculture and weather feeds sched every hour of the day, plus commercial stop sets. The potential is unlimited with what you can get this software to do. It is definately worth every penny. And enjoy that free time your getting.
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