Data Base problems

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Data Base problems

Postby Wildradio » Fri Jun 20, 2008 12:42 pm

Hi guys i'm trying out the basic DRS software for Testing before i go online to make sure everythink is working i have a question in have a lot of cd files on my c drive how could i add the music file to the Drs Database ???

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Postby Adriaan » Tue Jun 24, 2008 3:58 pm

Mike, you can insert music files (e.g. MP3, WAV) using the Audio Manager.

From the manual:

Adding new files to the DRS 2006 database
Inside the Audio Manager you have a variety of tools that will permit you to add or remove your audio files within the database. Several different sound files including mp3, mp2, wav, wma etc. can all be used.

A database is used, because to effectively make radio automation work you need more information for each item besides just the artist and the song title. Some of this information may already be stored in the mp3 file. The database is used to store additional information about each item, like cue points and fade times.

The steps showing how to add files will be described in detail, but first this overview will help you to understand why tag information is important as well as the other settings for files you will be adding. A clear understanding here will save a lot of time and trouble later.

To add audio files to the DRS 2006 database, you use the 'Insert New Items' button. A pop up box will appear and ask you to select the type of files you want to add to the database. By default the type 'New' will appear in the field.
NOTE: When files are added to the database a method is needed to identify the new files from the existing files. The name 'New' is used for the new file's 'Type'. We will cover this in a later topic about the classification of the file.

Once new files have been added you can change the type and adjust the audio settings, cue points and fade settings. You will want to add information in the tags fields if the MP3 file did not supply it. If information is available from the MP3 file, DRS 2006 will extract that information and fill in the correct field automatically, if no information is available from the file then the Title and Artist will to be marked as 'New' clearly showing you that these fields require data.

Why the tag information is important:
The tags fields in a MP3 file and the DRS 2006 database are identical with one exception. While both the MP3 file and the DRS 2006 database both contain a 'Type' field, DRS 2006 will use this field later for other purposes. Additionally if you have entered the tag information once, you will not have to put the same information in again.


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