Brand new service from your DRS 2006 french help desk!

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Brand new service from your DRS 2006 french help desk!

Postby DRS 2006 - Martin » Thu May 10, 2012 6:58 pm


I’m Martin, from the French DRS 2006 Help Desk.

I’m happy to announce you the launch of the brand new massive online sounds library dedicated to your radio station: SFX RADIO !

You’ll find there all elements you need for your radio imaging:
Thousands of sound effects, music beds, voice overs, shells, drones, accents, hits, artists drops, voices of listeners, beat breaks, loops, medleys, and much more! All available 24/7, in HD quality.

Just imagine the audio toolbox you've always dreamed of !
You can search, listen and download all the elements you need.
New cuts are added every day to the SFX RADIO library.

Creating jingles, sweepers, station promos and commercials have never been so easy!
More than 2 800 audio elements are available to download right now. And more tomorrow!

Listen to our demo right now !

Sounds impressive? You're right! But how much does it cost?
SFX RADIO shares the world famous DRS 2006 spirit: More Power for Less Money.
When equivalent products would cost 20 times more, SFX RADIO says: keep your money and enjoy our work!
Subscriptions start from $4.99€ only to $249 for a full year of unlimited downloads!!!
(also payable in Euros, Pounds...)

Now you want more for free? Visit us and drop me a mail asking for a free demo account.
I'll be happy to set it up for you in seconds.
This crazy special offer is only available to DRS 2006 users ! Enjoy !

SFX RADIO : we think radio, we create radio, 24/7. For you.
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