sound and scripting problems

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sound and scripting problems

Postby omegarock » Fri May 13, 2005 9:59 pm

We are trying to stream our music using DRS2006 Broadcast Processor Pro...2 questions for you right now:
:?: How do I get the sound to stream? I have a live stream, but there is no sound behind it. I read an earlier post where you told someone to get to the "WhatUHear" part of the volume...this is not an option on my computer. That is what I thought I should be looking for, but when I got into the properties of my sound, it was not there.
:?: By the way, if streaming, do I use Playback or Recording? Is there a difference for the regular list vs. live?
:?: How do I make the scripting work? All that comes through to the WMP (w/o volume) is the station name...once I fix the volume, will that also alleviate this problem?
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