Big Thumbs UP for Radio Streamer Site/Support !!!

At DRS 2006 we also offer high quality streaming at the lowest prices. We also guide you through step by step while setting up your own internet radio station. After debuting your broadcast on the World Wide Web, join us here to talk about streaming.

Big Thumbs UP for Radio Streamer Site/Support !!!

Postby Rocket88 » Wed Jan 04, 2006 3:21 am

After being around here for years let me say this about radio

Exceeded my expectations..

I ticketed a couple of stupid questions and both were answered very promptly...

then i decided to place an order..... so after that went to lunch..
on return there was the server info... less than an hour... great service... ( your results may vary)..

although i am still testing and shoutcast is dropping out i feel a tweak will soon have me running 24/7 i have yet to see the server down,,,

good job Mark...
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