Any online web song request plugin for DRS?

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Any online web song request plugin for DRS?

Postby kfm1015 » Sun Sep 03, 2006 4:21 pm

Hi, i am looking for a solution for listeners to be able to goto our website and request a song, is there any plugin or software for DRS to do this?
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Postby Stashu » Mon Sep 04, 2006 7:03 am

One thing I've picked up on in the many years I've been in the industry is.....
Don't let the audience program your station.
If you want to have people e-mail you, and get some feedback on popularity of artists, great. But, to have a system where the audience can actually request songs, and program them in.... deadly.
Simply have them send song suggestions. Call them whatever cool name you want, but don't call 'em requests. They will then bug you repeatedly for differentt types of songs, different songs from the CDs, different artists that don't even fit your vision. they will then get beligerent, and wonder why their song wasn't played for hours after they asked for it.
Broadcast radio has suffered from the 'focus group' mentality. The spark that was radio in the past has been replaced with the watered down 600 song playlist skeletons we listen to today. It started with letting the audience have a greater say in what the formats should be. If music didn't 'focus group' well, whole artists and genres of music would be chucked out. Songs that were screamingly popular three years ago, are not played anywhere today.
If you feel the need to have people request songs, be aware of the repeat listeners, who request the same stuff daily, and don't want to hear any other music. Go to a 'Silver Diner' restaurant, (or some other place that features a CD juke box) and listen to the songs being played on their Digital Juke Box. You'll hear some good ones, but you'll also hear a lot of trash and repeats, and still there is the person that is ticked off because they put money in the juke, and they're ready to check out, and their songs still haven't come up. That's a request.
Sorry for the lesson is music programming, but it'll save you some grief up the road.
If any one else has a more positive spin, please join in.
Good luck with your station!! :D
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