Windows 7

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Windows 7

Postby peerinto » Thu Aug 16, 2012 9:46 pm

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Registration Key :

On the Desk top i have two Speakers. One called DRS 2006 Launcher, The other called Enterprise2012
On my Xp system when i had it running i remember a small microphone, (standard package) a large speaker for the New beta package. Trying to set things up on a Windows 7 machine All the un-zip files is in C:\DRS2006\ - however the DRS2006BETA (3.0 Launcher) I rename this to Enterprise2012
It is in the same folder, but a short-cut is on the Desktop. Instructions say go to converter

When i go down the list all say OK. Until i get to
Create new CurrentAuto, EmptyAuto, NewAuto, I get the following message.

DRS 2006 Database Converter
X NewDRSMain: Field 'Cartnumber' not found
I think it's because i have not put anything in the standard package yet.
Let's go to the desk top, When we click small speaker (standard package) everything works. Now following the DRS Betas 3.0 manual to the letter, when we click on Enterprise2012 on the desk top. We see that the Registration Key section all green lights on the Launcher relevant to my package is lit. Right side my name is their but on the left side Logon - No Current User (Red) - Logoff. Now when i click on Logon Box pops up saying DRS 2006 User Password. I enter it and nothing changes. I at that point ckick on Administration Kit and a window says (There is a problem with the plugin Interface. Please reinstall DRS 2006). database Utility works, but everything below it i get the same message (There is a problem with the plugin Interface. Please reinstall DRS 2006). At that point i go to Start, Control Panel, Programs and features and Uninstall the program and start over. (Foot Note) In add/Remove programs all i see is the DRS 2006 Standard Package. I have been in the studio for three days, the wife checks to see if i am still alive. can you Please help.
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Re: Windows 7

Postby Adriaan » Fri Aug 17, 2012 11:15 pm


Before we can make any suggestions to help you, please state which version of DRS2006 are you trying to install and execute on the Windows 7 machine: version 2.11, version 2.2 or version 3.0 beta's?

Please note that officially only version 2.2 is supported on Windows Vista, all other versions need Windows XP. Windows 7 is not supported at all. (Mark will release a new version DRS2006 V4.0 very soon)

Re: Windows 7

Postby DRS 2006 - Mark » Thu Nov 08, 2012 9:01 pm

Only 2.2 works on Windows 7. Of course also V4 will work on all windows systems.
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