streaming module questions: AAC encoder/external streamer

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streaming module questions: AAC encoder/external streamer

Postby jaypea » Mon Nov 30, 2015 4:54 am

two questions regarding the streaming module in V4:

1. when selecting AAC as the encoder, I get a dialog box that basically says the AAC encoding software is not available as part of DRS, but the system will search to see if the encoder is available on the computer. clicking OK causes the system to stall, and no search facility ever comes up (I do have the AAC encoder on my system - I just can't seem to point DRS to it).

2. if I decide I wish to use external encoder/streamer module (like winamp/shoutcast or spacial's SAMcast), will DRS pass title and artist info to the external encoder/streamer?

thanks in advance for the use of the forum's BRAINPOWER...

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